Puma H-Street Plus
Back&silver H-Street Plus

Years in production

200?-200? (H-Sreet), 2011-2015 (Plus)

Original Retail Price

$65-68 US


Male and female versions

Shoe Style Categories

Sneakers, Running, Minimalist

The H-Street is one of the most popular sneakers produced by the company. A minimalist sneaker originally designed for runners, many people consider this one of the best running shoes ever made. It was re-released in 2011 under the new name H-Street Plus. This shoe has been featured in many different colors over the years.

Original Production Run Edit

The original H-Street shoe was released in ____ and ended production in ____.

H-Street Plus Edit

They were reissued in 2011 under a slightly different name, and were near identical to the first production run. One of the minor changes was the insole.

Color SchemesEdit

H-Street Colorways Edit

(needs pictures)

H-Street Plus Colorways Edit

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